Ambiguous hours

I stood before the house and I could not understand what was happening around me. It was such a relief to see my parents´ car. Began to make sense.

One day I wake up to look at wall clock. When I saw that show half past seven, I quicklyjumped out of bed. I fell asleep in to the school. Nobody was in the house. I did not understand why my mother let me sleep and went to work. During the half hour I washed, combed and I ate breakfast. The first hour we wrote an important school work I missed. I put  school books  in a bag and I ran up the stairs to the bus.

When I opened the roof of the front door, I saw my parents‘ car. Dummies looked at me. when I asked them why you have not wake up, I understood. afternoon I lay down in bed. When I woke up it was half past seven in the evening. I had never been so surprised in all my life.

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