Lost in the wood

One day when the sun was shining I and my friend Alica were planning nice day in the nearby forest. We wanted to get a rest, because we had a grueling week. We decided to have a picnic in the nature without any conections, so we left the phones at home.

Firstly we knew locality and the route through the wood. We were speaking, whistling and singing all the time and mood was getting better. In the distance we glimpsed appropriate place for us, so we made the picnic there. Suddenly the weather changed and we rushed home. It started to rain. After we had been running for nearly an hour we were both wet and confused. We got lost without phones and everywhere was already dark. Fortunately we saw unknown person with dog. We found out that our parents had a fear and proclaimed search for us. This man was a hunter and he introduced us to the right path. It was such a relief to be at home again.

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