The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson´s film The Lovely Bones belongs to films, which I saw more than three times and I want to watch it again. It´s bit of fantasy, thriller romance and family drama.

14-year-old Susie Salmone, performed by Saorise Ronan, was living her peaceful suburbian life till she was murdered on her way home from schol. Her murderer, inconspicuous neighbor Mr.harvey, set her to the world in between. She is living in a lombo, her own kind of heaven, and watching her family. The family can´t overcame this huge loss of beloved doughter and sister and Susie is waiting. She can´t goes on while her killer is at large and until peace will reign in her family. Funny scenes in this drama comes from art of star Susan Sarandon in the role of Susie´s grandma.

Peter Jackson received fame like director of  The Lord of the Rings. He used his skills with visual effects by making Susies afterlife world. The film is full of colours and uncertain pictures.

I would recommend the film to anyone who likes beautiful artists films. It´s  other than  classical holywood films and that its value.

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