Man on fire (2004)

Man on fire directed by Tony Scott is a film which interest not only story, but also stellar actors in major roles.

Denzel Washington, as Cresee, is a bodyguard of a daughter from one rich mexican family. He is a tough man, but little Pita, portrayed Dakota Fanning, also known from psychological thriller Hide and seek, delight. Creese and Pita are friends.

One day Pita is kidnapped by unknown gangsters and Cresee is injured. After some time when he is healthy again, he learns about Pita‘s death. He decides for payback. Start searching Pita‘s killers and decides to kill everybody who participated on her kidnapping. The film has a lot of action scenes during his searching. His anger overlaps with sadness and memories of the little girl. During his the searching the film has some unexcepted reversals and surprises.

Film has two story lines – psychological and action, that interesting complement. In my opinion, for these facts and good actors, the film is one the best ones in its genre.


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