My Basket Case

It was a first week at new school and at the school radio I heard that our school is recruiting new basketball players. I have always been keen on this sport, but I´ve never belonged among the best players. Anyway, I went there just to take a chance.

After I had passed selection I successfully became a member of the team. Our captain was strict and sometimes too confident and lately he became quite rude person to me. He was disappointed with me, although I was doing the best I could. His credo was: “ It is not important to participate, but to win.”

The first match I was going to play in, was the most important much in the year actually. The opponent was the last winner of the school cup. Unfortunately, our captain was unable to join this match, because he had an accident one day ago. I felt absolutely nervous before the match. “How can we play without our captain”?, I said to myself. On the other hand I realized that this might be a chance for me to prove my qualities.

When the match started I was more released. We resisted for a long time and the score was close. No matter how much tried I made a lot of mistakes, so my team mates shouted at me quite often. They had to fixed everything that I´ve done wrong. It was 15 seconds to the end of the match and we were losing, when all of the sudden the ball appeared in my hands. There was no time so I threw a ball through the half of the gym and if you believe or not I scored.


We won, thanks to me. Captain couldn´t believe to what he had just seen. I can guarantee you that I had never been surprised in all my life.

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