Question on Life and Death

It was a great feeling to see my house again after long and difficult journey.  I went to near village, for a meeting with my friends and I forgot to take my antiallergy medicine.

We went to visit Filip, who has returned from Germany where he was studying. There was a lot of people and we celebrated his homecoming. I had such a great time, till I had started to feel huge headache.  Than it came to my mind: „I had forgot to take my pills.“ I was afraid of going home on my own and on the top of it 5 kilometers through the field. Suddenly came Filip and he offered me a company for my walk home. I was so tired that Filip had to carry me! In a moment we were in front of my house.

When I was putting off my jacket something white felt off my pocket. And guess what? The pills! I had never been so surprised in all my life.

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