Scarry Teddy

One nice summer day I went with my parents and sister to our cottage. I enjoyed a lot of beautiful sunny days there since I was young. The cottage was just 15 kilometres from Ružomberok, so we always used to spent a lot of time there. It has always been a place of relax for me. At the cottage we experienced many adventures and here is the one that I will always remember.

Like any other day, me and my sister went into the woods to gather raspberries. The sun was shining and we looked forward to revive with a fresh and tasty raspberries. With big pleasure we were competing who of us will gather more. We did not noticed that we were far away from our cottage. We had started to afraid so we decided to go slowly back. We heard a strange noise, but then we realized that it could be just our imagination. Fortunately the sound was repeating again and again, so we started to run in order to find our parents. When we found them, they were reassuring us that it was nothing dangerous.

Next day morning  we had woken up and then found the trails of the bear nearby our cottage. I will never forget about that feeling. After this adventure we gather only raspberries that are right behind our cottage.


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