Spider man

Spider man is a fictional character from a comic book created by Stan Lee.

Later on it was also featured in movie directed by Sam Raimi.

In the main role starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst in the role

of Mary Jane.

After the premiere on the first weekend the movie earned a record of $114 million.

The story starts with an ordinary guy, whom teens can easily identify with. After he is bitten by a spider, transforms to a superhero spider himself.

He has difficulties to make contact with women, therefore he is in secret love with his

neighbour Mary Jane.

Tobey Maguire The Spiderman has a lovely personality, what makes him easy

to be loved by the audience.

Thanks for the actors’ prominent performance, this film became one of the best in

its category.

I would recommend this film for the comics’ fans, as it offers good quality and fun

for the demanding viewer.


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