Story from the forest

It happened two years ago, when my friend John phoned me to go to the forest and find some mushrooms. The weather was very good and I did not spend a lot of time there.  We were planning it for a long time and finally decided to go in the afternoon. Our friend wanted to join us too.

We were going to forest in Muráň, village near the Revúca. As we were walking, we thought, it would be fun to have a competition, who will find the most mushrooms. We run to all directions in the wood.  I was going to calm place far away from the others. When I was picking up the big mushroom from the ground I saw the big bear close to me. I got freak by it and I started to run. I was loudly screaming and the bear was only looking what I did. My friends got freak by bear too and we were running at home all the time. I had never been surprised in all my life.

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