The bridge jumper

Almost one year ago I decided to spend weekend in aquapark. As soon as my parents had gave me their car, I went to load up few my friends. It was a cold rainy day, but everybody in car was expectating great fun, especially when I told them: ‚ I’m probably the worst driver you have ever seen.‘ They were laughing until the car started to move.

When we came to aquapark I hadn’t turned to car parking I had to. I turned to another car parking which was connected with aquapark’s car parking with small bridge. I was rushing towards the bridge, when I saw half meter tall curbstone in front of bridge. The road was wet so it wasn’t possible to stop the car in time.

Car had jumped on the curbstone and flew over the bridge. When the car had fell down I thought it’s over. Believe it or not, everybody was alive and car wasn’t even abraded and was able to continue in drive. I had never been so surprised in all my life.

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