The Devil Wears Prada

What happens when young journalisms graduate who recently has got a job as an assistant of chief editor of famous fashion magazine, is absolutely not inteerested in fashion? The answer gives you a film called The Devil Wears Prada.

Film tells a story of Andy by Anny Hathway , the girl who does not care of fashion and who takes it very superficially.

Andy has accepted the job just for experience for her future work career, however, she does not recognize that world of fashion change her character step by step.

This comedy drama from 2006 is based an the same named novel by Lawren Weisberger.

Film the describes fashion industry in pros and mainly cons. This film seems to be interesting mostly for women beceuse of the topic however men can also admire beautiful models.

According to me everybody knows that i love fashion so i tis predictable that i enjoyed that film. I admired slim models, intrignes and maily Meryl Streep as a naughty and arrogant chief editor. I recoment it to every girl.

By Mária Svrčeková

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