The most crazy cab driver

I was on the way to Lviv in Ukraine three years ago. Train had stopped in a small town and I decided to use break and change my money for ukrainian. When I had chenged my money and came to railway station, I saw my train leaving the town. There was only one solution how to get back in the train with all my baggage – get to the next station earlier than train.

In few minutes I was sitting in strange taxi and explaining situation to scary driver. It was extremely fat gipsy who looked like murderer but he promised me to draw away my train. Driver cranked up his almost broken Lada by connecting wires and crazy journey began. He was following everything except road. And when we were crossing fields and jumping over rails I thought it’s over of my life.

I know it’s unbeliavable, but we came to the station 5 minutes before my train came. I was so happy that I’m still alive so I paid to driver more that he wanted. He really deserved it.

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