The Salt

I think that the old good thrillers full of action from Russia are back. Perfect Kurt Wimmer´s script which is writtten in very simple way is full of continuous action. Motive of run and fight individual against all to clear his name even today celebrated a great success. Although in this case, the main character, CIA agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is breaking realistic standarts which we used to see in old good James Bond movies and her fight against all makes invincible. After serious charge from the Russian agent Vassilyh Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) during the hearing in the building of CIA, that she is Russia spy from secret group called K-12, escape full of action begins.

What film will be about unfortunately quite clearly reveals the trailer. Even if you came in the middle of the film, you will not lose very much. More significant changes begin to happen somewhere in the last third of the film, when things begin to change. If you have clear about the next story, now you will be not sure about anything. It is perfect way how  director Phillip Noycea was able to get out of  the entangled situation. The greatest merit of the film quality has good main camera and quality  acting.

Salt is mainly action drama, and although the script is not perfect, you should see it. Because of sexy action heroine, who are still „IN“ in Hollywood.

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