The vow

The vow is a new romantic comedy. Director of the movie is Michael Sucsy. Main actors are Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige ( Rachel Mcadams). This movie is different than other romantic comedies, because it finish unexpectedly.

Leo and Paige are married couple. They are living in Chicago and they are connect with art. Once day they have an car accident. Their lives are changing. Paige lost her memory and Leo find out that she doesn´t remember him. He starts to refresh her memories, so he takes care of her. At first she refuse him, because she is afraid. Leo behave like they know each other only now. He try to get her heart and love. It is difficult fight for him. As they are famous and skilled actors than the movie has high quality.

I like very much music in the movie. There are romantic songs. I like processing of the movie. I think that director make good work.

 I would recommend the movie to people with romantic soul and the young people, because this movie is an example that strong love surmount all barriers.


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