The Wave

The Wave ( Thriller, Germany, 2008, 110 minutes)

Director : Dennis Gansel. Screenplay: Dennis Gansel, Peter Thorvarth. Music: Heiko Maile

Starring: Jurgen Vogen, Frederik Lau, Max Riemelt, Jennifer Ulrich, Christiane Paul.

Another film, which bend to viewer to think about whether history can be repeated in a civilized society in which we live.

This film is an adaptacion of the novel by Todd Strasser, which descriebes the real sociological experiment in high school in California.

Dennis Gansel transfereed the this story to modern Germany.

At the local high school began the week courses themed State forms. However, bored students are not interested in courses and believe

that they can not influence the practices of dictatorship. Therefore, teacher Rainer Wenger decided to do an experiment. He begins to behave

as a student as in a totalitarian regime. Students are excited about and adapt to the news rules. Rainer Wenger proclaimed him as their leader

and accrue powerful incurvation Wave. Students possess oneself all school and they decided annihilate goverment in Germany.

Germans managed to make a film whith is full exciting plot, which acting in some scenes exorbitantly too realistic.

Scenes perfectly complements environment from which creates the impresion of cold and boredom in the lives of young people.

The movie has an amazing soundtrack. The only mistake is that they plot film should be longer.Some characters misssing more room

in the movie, but to save to great performance.

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