Unexpected disappearence

Mike and Peter are best friends. One day, as many times before, they went on bicycles to the shop with PC games. They left their bicycles on a sidewalk by the shop and played games inside for a longer time.

When they went out, they found out that Pete´s bike was not there. Peter was very angry, but he knew that they leaving their bikes on sidewalk wasn´t clever. But why disappeared only his bike? In his opinion was Mike guilty. Peter was aware of his mistake after big argument. They was all time together. They started searching the bike on streets in town, but weren´t successfull. When Peter with sadness arrived to home, bicycle was in garage and Peter heard laught his father.

Father wanted get his son a lesson, because Peter was very careless to his things. Bicycle was very expensive and when father, coming home from job, saw bike by shop. He decide that Peter need lesson.

I had never been so surprised in all my life, than I when  heard the end Peter´s story.


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