Winter story

One nice day I decided go sledging with my friends. We met near bus stop.

When we gone off  the bus we still had a long winding roadup the hill. After a few hours we finally got to the finish. At the top we had a cigarette and a cup of coffee. And the following was what we enjoyed all day. It was funny, dangerous and very fast bob ride down very steep hill. „It was great“ I said when we came down. After this adrenaline rush, I wanted a cigarette but I realized that everything fell  out of my pocket. “What should  I do now?“ My friend calmed me down.

It was getting dark, the snow was everywhere and we lit the lighter and  mobilphone. Try to guess what I found at first? You will not believe it. I found a white lighter! Then I found mp4 player, headphones and my cigarrettes but i could not find my phone so I gave up looking for it and we went home.

About a month later I received a letter from Orange that they got my phone. I had never been so suprised in all my live.

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