An unusual birthday

Approaching himself my long-awaited eighteenth birthday. Me and my three friends Mary, Dominica and Meredith, we decided to dully celebrate. After long discussion we agreed that on Friday evening we’ll camp in the forest in my village Švošov.

Everything was planned in detail. We all gathered at my house. Since we had with him a lot of things we had to take the trolley. The path led along the local pub and we decided that we go to at least for small beer, because the sun still shining and to build tent we had enough time. But we lost track of time. I looked at my watch and was midnight. Camp in the forest was unreal because it was night.” Come on camping on the football field” said to Dominica. We agreed that it is good idea. So we went also with trolley at midnight camping. Street light not shine and it was dark everywhere. The journey was a long one kilometre. After a strenuous journey, we finally arrived at your destination. With pleasure we took a tend and we went to build it.

Suddenly, our laugher vanished from the face. How are we going to build a tent in the dark, when we don’t have flash-lamp? They helped us to two mobile phones. After an hour we managed to put up the tent. And the best fun a began.

I had never been so surprised in all my life from of this unexpected event.

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