Never fear the opponent

It was three years ago. My table tennis team and I had been travelled to the match in Galanta. The ground in Galanta was covered with much water. The water looked like sparkling water, because it was raining heavily.

However, the rain did not discourage me from smoking. Table tennis hall in this city was small, but there was a boxing ring, because Galanta is Tony Kid’s city. Unfortunately, when I and my team players played first matches, my eyes had been watching  the opponent, who was only twelve years old. He played very attractive like Forest Gump.

Just as our situation in the match was becoming desperate, I started playing with this guy. Definitely, his motto was: „Never fear the opponent or never give up!“ This match was terrible for me. I have never been defeated like this in any match. Only twelve years old boy defeated me. It was like cold shower for my table tennis skills!

I have never been so surprised in all my life.

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