The Blow


Film feature the live story of the cocain dealer George Jung (Johny Depp). It is set in the seventies of the twentieth century. Film is shot on real events. The plot is about real life of drugs dealer.

George Jung started as a dealer with canabis on the beaches in California. George Jung wanted to live an American dream. From a poor backround, he wanted to become a celebrity with a private villa and a collection of expensive cars and parties.

He and his friends are distributing canabis by flight attendants, which is a lot of in California.. But George will soon make a big mistake and he is arrested with 660 pounds canabis. After some time in the prison he improved at the top importer of a cocaine from el magica (Pablo Escobar). While George was in a prison, his wife died. All the things have to started again. He earned a lot of money and then married again.

Quiet family life will change him by second arrested. After the end of the prison he wants to earn money for the last time by selling a while powder. But his friends betrayed him and sold him out to the FBI. He losts everything: wife, child and family.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes krimi/drama. If you enjoyed the plot, experience is guaranteed, you will not be disappointed.

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