The Unusual vacation

At the end of the last summer I decided to go on holiday. I had been dreaming about going to Provence since I was a child and this was the right time to make my dream come true.

I asked some of my friends, packed the most important things, checked the flight tickets and found lodgings in a village. Everything seemed that we will spend spectacular two weeks in unknown country far away from our homeland.

After a long journey across the French countryside we found the right village and our house there. I had never been in such a beautiful place in my whole life.

In the evening of our first day, after we had lodged, we went out to get know our neighbours. We   expected that they will be French or Englishmen. I had knocked the doors and when they opened I just stared in disbelief. There was my ex-boyfriend in front of me. I really had not expected such start of my trip. I had never been so surprised in all my life.

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